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Quiz 4

It is good idea to use the Tenant's name as the Property Reference when adding a property.

Naming convention for the Property Reference is important because in other parts of the platform the order of the property displayed will be alphabetical. As such, if you are managing a Townhouse complex of 65 Units. It is best to name Unit 2 as: _________________ ?

This is so it doesn't get mixed in with unit 18, 19, 2, 20, 21, 22, 23.

If you are managing an Apartment Complex of 129 Units. It is best to name Unit 2 Property Reference as: _________________ ?

The property I am managing doesn't have a room number or a unit number; just a street number then: I can leave Room Number and Unit fields blank when adding a property.

In Australia, it is possible for multiple suburbs to have the same postcode.

For example, Sunnybank, Sunnybank Hills, Robertson, Macgregor share the same postcode of 4109.

In Australia, properties within a suburb can only have one postcode.

For example, some Spring Hill addresses could be 4000 while others are 4004.

Suggested Rent Price field is for _________________ ?

If an owner decides to stop letting me manage their investment property, I should delete their property right away from the Property list.

Remember, it's always best not to delete properties. Best to make them inactive only.

When using the Copy (Clone) Property feature to speed up data entry, which of the following field(s) is the only field that doesn't need to be updated?

Remember to update Property Reference, Unit, and the Property Owner (if required) after cloning a property.

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